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Grupo Agrocera is the fastest growing Carnauba Wax producer of Brazil. We have two highly equipped factories that follow international quality, safety, and environmental standards. Carnauba wax is an irreplaceable natural product known as the queen of waxes due to its natural characteristics that allows a wide range of applications.

Northeastern Brazil is the only place on earth were carnauba wax palm tree grows, as a consequence of the semi-desert biome known as caatinga, carnauba palm tree creates a waxy coating to protect itself.

From the harvesting of the leaves our supply chain starts, so that we can deliver high-quality products to a wide range of industries around the world.


We understand carnauba wax supply chain like no other company because we evolved from within it. Our founder and current CEO Marcelo Sombra has been active in every step of the carnauba wax supply chain for several decades.

His hard work has enabled us to grow in less than a decade to become one of the main players in the carnauba wax export industry giving our company all possible competitive advantages.

AGROCERA was founded in 2007 by the Sombra Brothers, Marcio and Marcelo, as a raw carnauba wax factory that supplied refinery industries, although long before this date the Sombra family has had a unique relationship with the carnauba palm tree.


1940s: Where it all started

In the 1940s Mr. Francisco da Chagas Sombra grandfather of the founders Marcio and Marcelo acquired a modest farm in Russas which is the cornerstone of Agrocera group today.

From that point and on the Sombra family started a traditional collection and extraction of raw wax during the harvest season.


1992: That tradition was continued

That tradition was continued by the next generation in the means of Mr. Joaquim Carvalho Sombra, Marcelo and Marcio father.

Mr. Joaquim was an agricultural engineer that was engaged in the purchase of carnauba powder from other producers in nearby communities. As the amounts of powder began to be significant in 1992, the family started processing it into a raw form of carnauba wax.


2000: Fast Growth

Gradually Mr. Joaquim and his sons created a substantial business that by 2000 had evolved into the largest producer and supplier of raw materials to the carnauba wax industry in the State of Ceara.


2007: Hard Work

In 2007 the Agrocera name was registered as company and had become a major player in the carnauba industry supply chain, position gain through an approach of supporting and closeness with the hardworking people in the countryside communities, which is the pillar of our working ethos until today.


2013 & 2014: New Paths

The first exports to the world market were result of the company strategy, continued by the construction of new facilities in Parnaiba, State of Piaui.

This new plant was concluded in 2014.

Today we proudly can say that we have become a significant player in the carnauba wax export market.

This position enables us to meet the ongoing demands of our customers, always working in close partnership with our suppliers.

We believe that our success starts with our philosophy of valuating the hard working people in the northeastern countryside of Brazil.

This is our story and  we kindly you to join our legacy  and contribute to our mutual success.


Our industrial process obeys the highest international food quality and safety standards and has been recognized by the following certification bodies: ISO 22000:2018KOSHER and HALAL.

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Our industrial process obeys the highest international food quality and safety standards and has been recognized by the following certification bodies: ISO 22000:2018, KOSHER, and HALAL.

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