Agrocera was registered as a new company in 2007, becoming a major player in the carnauba industry, position gain through an approach of supporting and closeness with the hardworking people in the countryside communities which is the pillar of our working ethos until today.

Our industrial process obeys the highest international food quality and safety standards and has been recognized by the following certification:

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Russas is a municipality in the state of Ceará located in the mesoregion of Vale do Jaguaribe, microregion of Baixo Jaguaribe. It is located 165 km from the capital Fortaleza, and the main access is via BR116. Russas has an area of ​​1,591,281 km², and a population of 71,723 inhabitants according to the IBGE estimate in 2012, most of them living in the urban area of ​​the municipality. The vegetation is composed of open shrubland, thorny deciduous forest and riparian forest, with a predominance of carnauba.
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