Carnaúba Itinerante

Agrocera group in partnership with the Carnauba Institute promoted the “Carnaúba Itinerante” project during the 2020 harvest.  In order to improve the working conditions in the carnauba fields, the project promoted training and assistance to raw material suppliers and their working teams in the largest carnauba producing states: Piauí, Maranhão, Ceará and Rio Grande do Norte.

During the training, the following topics were addressed: Environment and sustainability, good agricultural practices, corona virus prevention measures in rural environments, occupational health and safety, and other related topics. Producers also were benefited from the distribution of COVID-19 virus prevention kits, personal protective equipment and educational booklets. The team coordinated by the agricultural and environmental engineer, Diego Teixeira, had the support of several professionals, among them, the nurse technician Ronaldo Lopes and the safety officer Alex Maia. The actions were carried out in the field, following the protocols recommended by the World Health Organization.