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Actions against the Coronavirus contamination

Actions against the Coronavirus contamination As one of our actions against the Coronavirus contamination, We invited nurse Juciane Barreto to reinforce the prevention measures against the Coronavirus. [...]Read More...

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Planting the future with carnauba

Planting the future with carnauba About the project: The instituto carnauba in partnership with agrocera, has began in 2021 a project named “plantando o futuro com carnaúba”, which aims to...

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Solar energy in wax production

We at the Agrocera group are proud to announce that we now generate most of our energy consumed, through solar energy, a sustainable source that brings several benefits to the...

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Carnaúba Itinerante

Agrocera group in partnership with the Carnauba Institute promoted the “Carnaúba Itinerante” project during the 2020 harvest. [...]Read More...

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We are founders of The Instituto Carnauba Socio- Ambiental (ICS), which is oriented to develop social projects fully supported by the company and partners with a strong focus in rural communities.

We strongly believe in the need of restructuring the supply chain, which must be oriented in valuing the environment, the communities, and its people. To materialize our respect with society and the environment we have become Trading Member of the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT) and we have signed and are implementing the following – Conduct Adjustment Agreements (TAC).

TAC nº 70 2018 MPT/PRT 22 Region of 20 04 2018 (Piaui)

TAC nº 20 2018 MPT/PRT 7 Region of 17 08 2018 (Ceara) 

TAC nº 10 2018 MPT/PRT 22 Region of 13 11 2018 (Rio Grande do Norte)

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Union for Ethical Biotrade

Agrocera is a member of UEBT (Union for Ethical Biotrade), an international non-profit organization that is recognized for promoting ethical sourcing of ingredients from biodiversity.

Through our membership in UEBT, our company reinforces its commitment to biodiversity, establishing policies and developing actions that respect the environment and contribute to socio-environmental development.

Initiative for Responsible Carnauba

Also, we are part of the IRC (Initiative for Responsible Carnauba). That initiative develops and supports the projects that aim to improve the working and living conditions of the carnauba sector workers, as well as preserve biodiversity. The group is with Brazilian and foreign members of the carnauba supply chain, civil society institutions, and government.


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