Built in 2014, the Parnaíba plant in Piauí was instrumental in increasing Agrocera’s production. With ISO 22000:2018KOSHER and HALAL certifications, it follows the most important international production standards, employing dozens of people.

Our industrial process obeys the highest international food quality and safety standards and has been recognized by the following certification bodies:

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Parnaíba is the second city in the state of Piaui, distinguished by beautiful landscape, marked by Carnaubais, and the relatively moderate commercial and industrial activity. Parnaíba is located on the right bank of the “river” Igaraçu, which actually is the southernmost arm of the Parnaíba River delta. Located near the coast, altitude 13m, lies 366 km from Teresina, the state capital of Piauí.

These factors were fundamental for the installation of AGROCERA in this city. The historical tradition in the cultivation of carnauba wax, as well as the wide availability, formed the perfect environment for the success of this factory and for the expansion of production, which increased significantly after the emergence of this unit.

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